Weekend Edition

Greetings and salutations my lovelies!

Don’t know about you but nothing makes me crankier than looking at other people’s holiday pictures on Facebook. Palm trees and lovely tans only remind me that it is hailing in May. Dublin weather! Now I know what you’re thinking; “Didn’t she JUST get back from two months in Phuket and two weeks in Cape Town??” Yes. Yes I did, but I figure that only adds to my entitlement as I have a sun-kissed demeanour to maintain! 😉 Please bring on spring already Ireland!

It has been an eventful and fun-packed weekend that started on Thursday this time! Thursday is after all the new Saturday! We joined some friends at the Pink Supper Club for goodbye drinks and some lovely dinner. I had the salmon and veggies which were cooked exquisitely! Former Google colleagues are starting up a business in Barcelona together and all I can think about is, lucky guys they will finally get to live in the sun! After a few (too many) €2 mojitos, lounge and house music we called it a night.

Friday was very eventful, even despite the slight fatigue and headache that plagued me when I woke up (mysterious I know..) I made it to the 12:30 Crossfit session and had a really strong hour. The workout consisted of a warm-up, squats with max weight and reps and then the dreaded bit with pull-ups (!) press-ups, kettlebell (KB) swings and wall-balls with medicine balls being tossed against the wall. In a sequence of 20, 30, 30 and 50 respectively followed by a grand finale of the 800m run suffice it to say I was sweaty and exhausted. I have missed this! :) Only thing is that it’s not quite outside in 32C degrees, it’s in a drafty warehouse-like space and even with long sleeves on it’s a bit chilly. But nothing like breaking a sweat in Crossfit! A vanilla protein shake later and I am on top of the world. Have discovered a great new raw protein that doesn’t consist of whey and I found it in Nourish last week. It doesn’t come cheap but after a few uses I can already tell it’s superior quality protein by far! Got a bag of vanilla and chocolate which should last me quite a while as they are 1kg bags.

Friday was also the start of the Howth Prawn Festival which we attended as a part of the “Mystery Dining” and as you may have guessed the main theme was in fact prawns! I <3 seafood! We met lots of new people and had a blast! The evening kicked off with some champagne in a marquis tent and a speech to kick off the events. We moved around to three different restaurants for the three different courses and ended up in Howths very own Wright Venue where we ended the night with a bang! :)

Saturday brought surprisingly clear skies and mild temperatures so  decided to head into town and see what the city has to offer. The highlights are captured below: 1. New iPhone that proves just how conformist and mainstream I have become *ahem* and 2. Lunch at Rustic Stone on George Street. Quite easily one of my favorite restaurants in all of Dublin. They have a raw food menu until 4 o’clock that is absolutely delicious and you have not lived until you have tried their truffle chips!!


This weather was invented for warm clothing, lots of tea and reading great books. It is absolutely pouring down today and I decide to attack some of yesterdays spoils from Easons and other bookstores by reading! Magazines and books, all eagerly awaiting for me to get cosy, make some tea and peel open the (figurative) wrapping.

So you see my lovelies, the lesson learned here is that no matter what the weather or mood you can have a truly fantastic weekend! I should keep this in mind next time I am sulking about the greyness outside and exercising serious photo envy on Facebook!

Be happy and try to find one thing today for which you are grateful for!

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