take it from me kids..

Things I love:
Getting the whole row to myself in cinema
Smell of new shoes
Guitar hero
First snow of winter
Hot chocolate on a cold day.
Swimming pools
Smell of babies

Things to never do:
Close your eyes on the treadmill
Order a dish you can’t pronounce
Go to sleep with full makeup on
Text/email/tweet while driving

Things I hate:
Airplane food
Stepping in animal faeces
Running out of toilet paper
When someone’s phone rings on the bus
Getting rained on
Getting an itch on a place I can’t reach

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  1. Zrinka 23/11/2010 at 06:11 #

    Ahhhhh, I agree – nothing like the smell of new shoes…
    Among things never to do I would like to add "Getting blindly drunk the night before a big holiday like Easter."

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