Day 57 – Wednesday – Sweating, freezing and everything in between…

Hello my lovelies!

What an eventful past few days! Slowly settling back to Dub lifestyle, started working out again and even witnessed a tad bit of snow yesterday!

Tried a Crossfit class in the Quays on Monday during lunch and it was excellent! David Price runs a workout that includes warm-up on the rower, weights to build up shoulder strength and everyone’s favorite Lucky 7 AMRAP’s. These consisted of 7 minutes of 7x box jumps, 7x burpees and 7x kettle-bell swings. Not too bad for an hours workout! Liked it so much I got the t-shirt! Booya!

The huge temperature drop finally got to me and my weakened immune system so I have been lying horizontally (between bed and sofa) for past 48 hours with a cold-like monstrosity ravaging my body. Sniff! Someone pass the desperate lady some tissues please? Might I add that besides for being faar too overactive on Facebook that daytime television is a fate worst than death and should be a crime punishable by law?

I know I have a fever, and can’t unpack the moving boxes in my apartment, getting anything productive done, or workout…but why am I forced to choose between Copa de America reruns from 1985 (?!) and the Kardashians? There is nothing even remotely intelligent on the idiot box. Whoever said that television was a way to dumb down the masses and keep society stupid was definitely on to something! I would rather start slowly chewing my fingers down to little nubs for entertainment, or start counting threads on the plush carpet before I succumb to the vegetation that is Irish television! OK where was I before my rant?

Must admit I do miss being active and working out. The endorphins rushing through my body and the sun shining are missed when Dublin is 5 degrees and grey (have not stopped shivering since I landed) Would love to organize another trip back sometime this year and continue the training I left off :) Anyone interested in joining me at a Muay Thai training camp when winter starts to get depressing in Europe say around October /November time?

My next post will be about my stay in Chalong and pictures of the different places on “the strip” for those of you interested in making the journey of a lifetime! :)

Stay safe my lovelies and remember to show at least one person love today!

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