New month and new rant.

The paradox. The irony. The contradiction.  

In this day and age…

Anyone in sales, or in business in general will share my woes of “end of quarter” strife. This past quarter, Q3, was particularly brutal. Or so it seems. More reports to file, higher number of deadlines. No, dear audience I won’t bore you with my day to day (even though the blog is titled Day in the life of..) I in fact wanted to take you on a different journey entirely.

Bob Geldof made a guest appearance at Google’s annual Sales Conference in CCU, Dublin. What made it particularly special for the unexpecting (and unassuming) audience was that Bob is in fact, not just a celebrity. Nor is he simply a rock-star. His entrance (video attached) was precursored by a video of Live Aid and Live 8, showing million of viewers and countless rock-pop-stars trying to make a difference by employing their talents. What they do best.

He has done more for poverty, hunger in Africa, and the developing worlds debt than anyone can possibly imagine. Tangible results. A difference you can see and feel. 42 million receiving an education where there was once only famine and conflict. Was his speech boastful and full of self-praise? Did he remind us of the characteristics it takes to be a Bob Geldof of the world? No. He spoke, in fact, about his perception of leadership and then went on to define it in his own way. With the help of numerous quotes, from Gandhi, to Dylan, to Byron he went on to explain just what makes Google (ergo Googlers by definition) so great.

We are, he said, not just what we do. “Your job does not define you. It’s just what you do. There are things you are good at that make you who you are.” I would like to pause for a second and reflect on that. If I am in fact not my job, but that other something that defines me, then I am left perplexed as to what I should be doing in my free time and more importantly, how I can contribute significantly and be that better person? We are all busy people with important lives to lead and crucial tasks to complete. Did you stop and give change to the homeless this morning? What was your “feel good” moment this week? Maybe it’s as simple as opening a blogger account and letting the world know how you feel about something…

Anyone can make false claims to leadership. We are all familiar with bad managers, countless self-help books on the subject and politicians who make promises of a better tomorrow. But how many of us have truly inspired another individual or even a group of people? I guess what my rant comes down to is this: what have YOU done lately?

Sir Bob. I take my hat off and thank you. I am a fan.

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