Leave me alone!


Why Social Media should be left to be what it is- a social media.

Everyone is trying to monetize on SoMe. Thats SocialMedia not SOME. Capitalize on fans, likes and well, clicks. How to make money from Facebook and Twitter account? What about that corporate blog? Perhaps I’m a naive cave-troll right now and yes businesses are in the business of making money but has anyone stopped to consider that perhaps a price cannot be placed on that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from a really cool Facebook page or a well-written blog?

Not to be a hater, but companies were praised for their social media presence and more importantly quick turnaround both in good times and crisis. How do I know? NikeWomen’s Facebook page responds to all fans, French Connection and Gina Tricot have giveaways and competitions. Finnair responded swiftly when the crew were striking and thousands of passenger were affected and left stranded. They did this with the help of their blog. Satu likes this!

If information is king why claim making money on that information is even more important? As multiple articles have shown, people love their brands to be personal a face to associate and a “real person” to interact with. One of the companies that came out on top is Ford who implemented not just a SoMe strategy but a full time person to manage their Twitter account. Wow! Wonder what his targets look like? “Scott you are responsible for making us a dollar with every follower” or perhaps “Scott for every tweet you better sell a car!” I’m sure not all 78 thousand followers of Ford drive one. (I don’t) but I was so impressed their strategy that I started following, reading and liking their outputs.

Who knows? Maybe this warm and fuzzy feeling will result in me buying of a Ford car some day.

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  1. Ken Mueller 31/08/2011 at 17:38 #

    Thanks for this post and thanks for linking to my blog. I think you are spot on. We really need to change our mindset as to how we “sell” and acquire customers. The personal approach, the real approach, might take longer, but it will also last longer, and will eventually be the norm. It’s a return to the way things were in a simpler time.

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