Happy Halloween!

Why is a walk through one’s closet like taking a step back into the past? Too-tight clothes are a painful memory of days and body-shapes gone.

For me it’s more a trip through my geographic history. “Oh I remember this! I got this in Paris/Mexico/Las Vegas!” When a photograph will no longer suffice, but you need a tiny pair of jeans, or a touristy shirt to remind you of the voyage, you know it’s time to give to charity and change your hoarding ways. Either that or I’m getting old.

I love the glittery dresses, bright tops and colorful prints that are piled on top of each other in a make-shift temporary pile on my bedroom floor. “My God Satu how many pairs of black pants does one person need?” exclaims my flatmate visibly shocked. I’m deeply insulted but put on a brave face and mumble something about black being slimming and this style will definitely come back into fashion…. 

Why is it so difficult to throw out old clothes and memorabilia? As usual dear reader, this is less about a wildly (in)adequate wardrobe, and more about the loaded metaphor that is our closet. Yes. I am getting all philosophical about the rags that I own and refuse to get rid of. Even weakly defending myself saying lines like “I was happy when I wore these heels” Hence: I will keep them for the rest of my life. No matter what. Must-hang-on-to-that-feeling.

Suppose it’s time to confess and come out of the closet. No pun intended. *deep breath* I am indeed a shopaholic. There. I said it. As my friend once jokingly said “You are the target demographic for EVERYTHING!” I shop online. I love a good sale. No department store corner goes unturned. Basically dear world, I buy crap that I don’t need because it makes me happy. Post-yoga workout top anybody?

What is the worlds obsession with consumerism and buying more bags and yet another pair of sunglasses? As someone who is now faced with the daunting task of going through all the purchased items I can tell you it’s not nice. There is only so much IKEA storage I can squeeze into the area I call my closet. Ask any girl and she will tell you that you can never have too many shoes or jewellery- it’s a fact. But what happens when the sum of total things plus one credit card bill equals one very broke lady with unreasonable storage needs?

Perhaps it’s time to introduce a new (and lighter) outlook on life. New mantra. Less is more. Don’t shop, meditate. Enjoy life!

The writer is now off to BT2 to attend the opening of the COS store to see if there are any good finds! 

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  1. Jonathan 03/11/2010 at 21:37 #

    Here's a great trick for the things that you have on hangers, to decide what should be thrown out or not:


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