No more fear in 2012!

“Risk is just a business word for fear. And fear holds people back. People are scared of what might happen if things go wrong. But you have to make a friend of fear and recognise things will go wrong, but that it isn’t the end of the world.” Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, founder of The Black FarmerHappy New Year Everyone! I don’t know about you but January 1st brings in a heapload of New Years resolutions. “Be better at this” or “Improve that.” Unfortunately, as humans we are flawed and very few of us manage to remember what these resolutions were past a few WEEKS into the year! Is it any surprise with the bad economy and bad health that people are complaining about? Just take a look at some of the new years resolutions and you will see a pattern emerge. “Save more money this year” “Get fit and lose weight”(write in blog more often!)

I propose a kinder set of rules when it comes to setting new years resolutions. Instead of “I can’t/ shouldn’t/ won’t” etc we should aim at setting empowering goals. Face a fear is a good one. Learn something new (I’m planning on learning a new language and maybe even how to sing(!) )
Take more time for myself and my loved ones. Make sure I get enough fresh air and exercise. This will make it easier to sustain our life goals in the long run. By taking fear out of the equation we become free to explore the different options. I see fear only as a negative aspect and a hindrance, something slowing me down. It was scsry to face my own fears and quit my job to start a company but it has been incredibly rewarding. Believe me, I was terrified! How do you leave the comfort and security of a steady job at a great company to venture off on your own and take one of the biggest risks imaginable?

Turns out fear comes in different forms and takes on many facets. The friend who has been single for a while and considering taking a leap of faith with someone. Saying yes to certain offers or projects out of fear failing. Sharing your life with another person and accepting everything they have to offer. How many times have we seen amazing and brave people fail out fear? I decided to make 2012 the year when fear would no longer hold me  back. After having found a list of new years resolutions from 2007 I was struck by how little has actually changed. Am I still trying to achieve the same goals as I was 5 years ago? Does it mean that I am still the same person who hasn’t achieved anything to speak of?  Have I jumped out of an airplane to face my fear of heights? Faced some other great life fear? Yes I have.

My goals have always centered around self improvement. I want to add value to my life and others every January 1st. That’s not always so easy especially when self doubt and negativity takes over. I’ve been “losing those last 10 kilos” for longer than I can remember. Learning something new since 2005 and “facing a fear for at least the last ten years. But one goal that has been with me since as long as I can remember is to start my own business. I was adamant when I was younger that whether I set up a lemonade stand, or start printing t-shirts and sell them on, I was going to create something out of nothing.

Now I am the proud owner of an online marketing consultancy and have finally realized my dream (and lifelong goal!) in doing so. It really makes me think. What the heck was I so afraid of? And why did I wait so long?!

More good news and self-improvement to come so stay tuned in 2012!

What are your new years resolutions and how do you plan on keeping them?

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  1. Zrinka 27/01/2012 at 16:23 #

    Yey for self-improvement and self-empowerment! That’s the best new years’ resolution ever 😉 Staying tuned for the next update! :*

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