Day 20 – Monday – Weekend Edition

Hello my lovelies!

Apologies for the radio silence but this weekend brought a perfect storm of no internet connection and an illness in the form of a cold on my part. But we are back with a vengeance! 😉

It has been an eventful weekend which included Barbeque Beatdown on Saturday and a night out in Patong. Waterpark fun and activities on Sunday and above all, lots and lots of training.

So as you can see my lovelies it has been an eventful and fun-packed weekend! Will try to be more consistent with the posting of the blog and some things you can look forward to are tips and tricks, full run-down of this area including restaurants hotels, the Tiger training camp and it’s facilities and trainers. Also will be posting some of the messages, emails and communications that I have received from people to show what kind of response my experience has inspired.

Have a safe journey wherever you may be going today and remember: All in good time; spend time on what’s important now.

Bye for now my lovelies!






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