Day 9 – Thursday – Fight Night

Day started off with BodyFit in the morning and private session with Sangkram as per usual. The only difference today is that the BodyFit was at the beach and that means sand EVERYWHERE!

Lots of tyre work, running on the sand, press-ups and the usual lovely stuff. Sweaty, sticky and exhausted. I grab a cold coconut for the electrolytes and feel instantly refreshed. The van takes us back to the camp in Chalong and I am feeling increasingly tired. Today is a hectic day and I did not get as much sleep as I would have liked to last night and it’s showing in my training. Arrive back to the camp and the only mission I have is to remove all the sand from everywhere. This may be an impossible mission.

I have not had breakfast and don’t have much time before my private session starts. Hungry and tired is not a good combination in this heat and intensity. I quickly grab an oatmeal with bananas and try to grab some spoonfuls before Sangkram puts my handwraps on and it’s time to go. Training is hard today. Hard, high-kicks, elbows, knees. I tell him I am tired and he looks at me indifferently. “You eat something?” I shake my head. “You finish training with me and you eat something – get some rest” I nod. My toes are all blue and the sweat is pouring at such a rate that it’s pointless to even wipe it. Stomachs include the regular 100 sit ups and the heaviest medicine ball now punched over my stomach as I exhale. I need to get some sleep.

CrossFit with Luke is as brutal as ever. Only 16 minutes of training today. The catch? Its 8 minutes + 5 ┬áminutes of high-intensity, no rest workouts. The first set of 8 is jump-lunges, burpees and sit-ups. I am ready to throw up when he calls time. 3 minutes rest to catch your breath and we’re on again. Next five minutes are back extensions (supermans), pushups and squats. I can hardly believe it when this workout is done. Am panting like I had just ran for hours. The mats are drenched with sweat. I am happy to be done with my trainings for the day. Neck is stiff and calves are feeling tight. Next up is a long and lovely shower which I will top with an oil massage. Second week is almost over and I can say that it is getting easier and easier. Firstly the sleeping pattern. I am in bed by 22-23 and up at 7 latest. This combined with the high-protein diet and warm weather means I am in optimal training shape.

Tonight is fight night which means we are going to Patong to watch a friend fight. Should be exciting, let’s see how Carlos fares against his opponent.

Have a good night my lovelies and stay safe!

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