Day 8 – Wednesday – I am fierce

Today I am strong. Today I am fierce. I have been here a week already and I am on fire. Today I have attitude and will wear a shirt to reflect that


Actually today I overslept so missed yoga and BodyFit at 8. Oops :) I am not going to lie to you, the 9 hours of sleep feels heavenly and since my muscles are still tight from yesterdays workouts there is nothing like an extra hour or two in the morning to take some ibuprofen and go for a quick swim in the pool. Tiger balm is a life saver out here, so much so that I wish they sold it in bigger packages. The advantage of getting all the workouts over and done with in the morning is that then you technically have the afternoon “off” if you want to do some food shopping or relaxing.

The plan for today is to hit Ocean’s spinning class at 11 and get some lunch and a shake then head to private training at 12:30, get my ass thoroughly kicked by Sangkram then Western Boxing at 4. However Thai reality hits me squarely on the jaw. The overcast weather means that I not only overslept this morning, but that none of my training gear has dried outside. Everything is still wet. I decide if you can’t beat em, join em so head over to the pool before my session with Sangkram and a raw food smoothie wakes me up along with a vegan power bar (goji berries, nuts etc) Thank you Soracha!

The private session is strong today and I can feel the power difference between today and yesterday. He has me up to 30 kicks on each leg and I know I will feel this tomorrow. After 100 situps, his brother who is training someone next to us, brings out the medicine ball and shows me that I need to flex so he can “hit” my stomach with the ball. At first I am sceptical and tell him to take it easy (how would you like to get punched in the abs?)  Sweating like a mad woman. Ring my shirt and headband from the sweat then carry on. Such is life. ขอบคุณ (Kapkun) Thank you to the trainer and I carry on with my afternoon. Tuna salad at Tiger Grill and a plate of pineapple. I need a shower and the air isn’t helping, I feel sticky.

Hit the pool to relax my muscles quickly before boxing at 4. I have an hour break between sessions today which feels quite nice and it’s important to get the downtime as well. Was surprised when people were advising me to nap when I got here but now it makes sense. You cannot be “on” for 16 hours straight. There is a fight tomorrow in Patong so will try to get a rub down tonight so I won’t be as sore tomorrow.

Planning a walk tonight with Tamara and we will step it up by going further and walk faster. Boxing was brutal and left me in absolute pieces. Once again I am reminded that I willingly chose to come here and don’t have to train so hard. But hey: You can go hard or you can go home.

Forza my lovelies!


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