Day 7 – Tuesday – Big Buddha Day


How does trekking up 4k of steep hill with a tyre in the scorching heat sound to you? Does it sound amazing? Would completing something like that make you feel strong? Well I can assure you the sense of achievement is great, the sweat even greater and the feeling of being strong and able to achieve anything ever the most overpowering of all.

The day started at 8 with BodyFit and Tuesday’s classes are known as Big Buddha day. This involves getting into groups of 3 and sharing the responsibility of dragging a car tyre up a steep hill in the morning sun. You don’t have to run if you don’t want to (thank god for that!!) but you have to make it to the top. And make it we did, my team and I accomplished this inhumane task in just under an hour and did the circuit training up top which involved four sets of lunges, squats with the tyre (I hate that tyre with a passion!) leg lifts, backwards crawl and bench jumps. My cap was not just soaked, it was dripping with sweat.

Next up was the usual one-on-one with the Sangkram the Muay Thai trainer, but today I am tired. My kicks are lacking power, punches are weak and I’m winded after 30 minutes. He shows mercy and let’s me takes the gloves off after 45 minutes and we spend the remaining 15 minutes doing kicks and knees and jab/punch sets. I am relieved but know I shouldn’t be. Still sweating like crazy and it’s only myself I’m hurting by being mentally tired. A nap is much needed today. Hit the pool afterwards and this is EXACTLY what my muscles were craving. Had chicken salad lunch in Baan Suan and asked for a pineapple smoothie (fresh pineapple and ice blended.) Everything is so fresh and amazing here, I will really miss this at home. That and the laundry service.

Instead of CrossFit at 3 like I had intended, took a bit of a break then hit the spin bikes with Soracha and Tamara for about 45 minutes. Followed this with a run around the camp and mat work for the arms. We decided to go for a walk as well but the mosquitoes ended up being too much for us since it had rained earlier that morning. Also they were flying into our mouth.

Much needed shower later and I am ready for action. The restaurant across the road is having a party tonight that we are planning on attending, but something tells me it will be another early one tonight. Waking up at 7 to train just does that to a girl.

Last but certainly not least -Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Hope everyone is with their loved ones and having a romantic and wonderful day.





















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