Day 6 – Monday- You gotta keep going

It is possible that I overdid it on the fun and sun yesterday. Unsurprisingly since it’s our ONE day off, I really outdid myself and wanted to spend every second in the sun. Day was incredibly fun but today feels a bit like a moral hangover; I’m burnt, bruised (see below) and tired from the sun overexposure. I crawled to the pharmacy for some hydro-cortisone and anti-histamines. Alas, the show must go on and Monday held three workouts for me: early morning BodyFit, hour of private with Muay Thai trainer then Western Boxing.

8am BodyFit with Jenna focusing on core was a powerful way to start the day. Got an hours rest, had breakfast which consisted of a vegetarian omelette of spinach, peppers, mushrooms and onion. After that its time to hit the mats with Sangkram and do an hour of Muay Thai. I can really feel the improvements and it seems that my conditioning is getting slightly better with each day.

Shower and lunch of chicken, brown rice and steamed vegetables.


Quick change of clothes and it was time to hit the Western Boxing class at 4 o’clock. The class is 2 and a half hours and the conditioning is brutal. Running is just a small part of what we do here. But all in all the class was very productive and it was great to work on my technique for something else other than Muay Thai.

Went for a lovely walk before dinner and met some more amazing people with incredible stories to tell. When I have neared the end of my journey, I will share some unbelievable stories with you as well as some of the correspondence that I have received since coming here. Everyone just wants a better life it seems.

Best part about the heat is the night-time and the pools which are lovely to jump into after a gruelling training and you just want to relax your muscles.

It is 21:30 and I am beyond fried so will call it a day my lovelies and knowing me will be facedown on a pillow very very soon.

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