Day 53 – Saturday – Food, location, convenience and this is what inspires me.

Yes my lovelies. There is a reason why I am constantly posting pictures of my meals and what I have managed to put into my mouth. In two words? It matters.

Went to the farmers market today and bought some fresh fruits and veg. Also got some lean beef mince and lots of fresh fish for the week.

Then proceeded through a gruelling workout. I was wrong by the way. I thought nobody could ever push me harder than I push myself. After a jog to the park, I sprinted 5 times as fast as I could but didn’t stop running. Then I did 50 squats and 50 mountain climbers. A few more sprints and a jog back home. I made a circuit for myself when I got home using 5kg weights and a yoga mat (my sweaty feet are slippery) The routine is pictured below.

I promised communications from people who were following what I’m doing and I won’t disappoint. Here is a particularly memorable one. Names and personal details have been removed to assure privacy.

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Hello Satu,
Not real sure if you remember me or not….we met a few years back.
This training thing you are doing has inspired me….I have lost 80 pounds 3 different times in the past 7 years, and have put it all back on and more…to say the least, it is very upseting.
I truly I need a life changing expierence when it comes to my weight loss….this sounds like it may be the thing for me…..I have been to Thailand twice….it is my favorite place in the whole world…and I get around…lol
I am addicted to your posts….please keep them coming…I understand how hard it is…I know the pain of working out those first days….it SUCKS!!!
I am looking at when I am going to go….with my busy schedule….it will probably be at the end of the year….what hotel did you choose? Do you have much free time? I am pretty heavy and not real good at exercise….how difficult will it be for me?


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Hey –

I think anyone can be an inspiration. Regular people with their own problems are taking small steps every single day to make things even a little bit better about themselves. I want to stress that you should not get down on yourself about your weight or your lifestyle choices. Stressing yourself out won’t help you in the least bit nor will self-hatred. Having said (preached) that, I know exactly how upsetting it is and just how powerless you feel. Especially if losing weight and putting it back on is a recurring thing. :/ I hear that. From Atkins to Zone you better believe I’ve been there, done that and got the kilos.

Also, your “weight” is irrelevant. The only thing that counts out here is your frame of mind. Yes, there are some incredibly healthy and buff people here. They look incredibly amazing and are there to inspire me. But they have worked at it for years, and work they have. Then there are people who are here to lose over 100 kilos. I pictured some of them on my blog because I want to be clear that this isn’t a workout camp just for those who don’t need to lose any weight. In fact, you would be surprised. In the past 3 days I have spoken to alcoholics, drug-addicts, world-class champions, a lovely guy named James who has to lose 150kg’s (he’s unfortunately not pictures bcuz the BBC has the rights to him) But please understand that whatever you life circumstances or situation at the moment, nothing is irreversible.

I came out here practically on a whim. Yes I opened up with it taking 2 years to plan and finally achieve. That’s because I was working for someone else and they wouldn’t give me 2 weeks unpaid leave. In some sense it’s taken my whole life to come here, not just 2 years. Having started my own business, and there being a slight lull in the beginning of the year I decided to pounce on the rare opportunity of having 1.the time and 2. the resources to come here. There will, of course, always be excuses. I also didn’t work out at a free gym available to me because I was always too tired (having worked long days) or too lazy (being honest wasn’t easy) or I just plain didn’t feel like it.

Now for the logistics: The accommodation you choose doesn’t really matter. You can stay in a dorm-like room on the actual camp itself which this princess was not willing to do (communal showers anyone? what are we? 18?) Then there are hotels and bungalows all up and down the street from the camp. I will probably put together a final “episode” of my blog where I list all the options available. All the bungalows are nice. Your rooms are cleaned for you, you can have your laundry done, they all come with AC etc, you get the picture. So wherever you stay it will be fine.

Obviously whenever you can make it out will be great, the best time to come is our winter time. It was serendipity that I decided to come in February/March because its nice and warm (read: hot) and doesn’t rain as much. So their summer definitely. I think December-ish would be an amazing time to go, but be realistic about holidays and what’s expected of you. Feeling guilt or shame about being out here is a huge no-no.

The workouts. Yes. They are hard no matter who you are. It’s intense out here. Between the heat, the hardcore Thai’s who are doing MMA/Muay Thai, my own internal pressures it feels like a proper mindfuck to be honest. But that’s why I’m here. This is not rehab nor is it daycare. A lot of people had expectation of hand-holding or coddling there is none of that here. You will run. You will push-up and dear lord you will sweat. There are lots and lots of options of getting personalized 1:1 attention which I am looking into as well. So now at the moment I’m doing private sessions with Muay Thai trainer for an hour a day (group is 2,5 hrs and a kick-ass bitch- 1 hr is pure conditioning) and I’m going to sign up for individualized meal plans plus workout plan customized for me. This all costs extra. Although to be honest, what I pay for food, gym and training back home this is a yard-sale out here.

The main thing I have to emphasize, and wish I could start with without sounding like a tree-hugging hippy is the family and community. It’s not just BS. When I was keeled over after 4k running in the sun, a former marine picked me up off the ground and practically carried me to the finish of the set. When I couldn’t carry the damn tyre another step, a former university teacher came up to me and she took it from me without a word. The people are, in one word, amazing. We are all here to achieve our goals, to sweat and work harder than we ever have before. The support you get out here is unlike any other I have ever experienced. Most importantly (and this mattered to me a lot) there is NO judgement. I was afraid they would ask “who’s the fatty?” when I walked in but all I’ve gotten is smiles, pats on the back and superbly helpful tips on how to make it out here.

The fact that you are even reaching out to me means you are ready to make a life-altering change to yourself and you should take a moment and be proud of your new mindset.

Wow, so I should start my own talk-show or what??? 😉

You can reach me on FB, or Skype and I’ll happily go through any and all details before you get here or even just to talk :)

Thanks for your message. I really appreciate the support and the kind words.

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