Day 51- The fighter and adventurer has returned home

Hello my lovelies!

After almost 24 hours, 7 time zones, 30 degree change I am back in Europe on the Emerald Isle. It feels unreal after two months to be back on home soil.

The bar has been set high now. Very high. Until you push to your limits and beyond you cannot know what you can achieve. This has been an emotional, mental and physical journey and even though Phuket and my Tiger family has come to an end I will keep going and push hard to achieve the rest of my goals.

A small snapshot of some the things I will miss dearly

I am going to dearly miss TMT and my Tiger family- the support and encouragement has been priceless! Couldn’t have done it without you guys! This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will not easily forget and cannot wait to do it again and see everyone real soon.

Once I’ve recovered from the trip halfway around the planet I will post more about where to stay etc and what the places look like!

Take care of each other and take small steps every day to make your dreams come true. :)

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