Day 40 – Sunday – I’m Still Standing

Hello my lovelies!

Yes it is Sunday and I am still standing!


Training hard this week. It’s my final week at Tiger and next Wednesday morning I go home which means it’s time to push it to the max.

There has been quality beach  time this weekend, as well as some emotional discussions with my Tiger family but most importantly there has been some serious sweating, life changing and goal reaching! :)

Some of the (low?) highlights of the past few days include seeing the Fight Club roof ablaze due to some rogue firecrackers (!), getting caught in the rain and deciding to just swim it out in the pool and wait for the monsoon-like downpour to blow over, walking up Big Buddha on Saturday morning, seeing the monks making the rounds for food and the monkeys on the way as well as the incredible sunrise.

More to come this week. Hopefully I won’t be too exhausted in the evenings to keep you updated my lovelies! Since anyone can change their life for the better and be a positive influence I will post some letters and queries that I’ve received this week. The hot tips and do’s/don’t are also going live on the blog before I leave.

I’m still standing and still grateful! Keep on rockin and remember to respect yourselves and keep your head held up high!

Muah! 😉


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