Day 4- Saturday – The Day of Walking Funny


In case this is not what your Saturday mornings are like, allow me to introduce you to the self-inflicted pain that is working out at Tiger Muay Thai. It is Saturday 9 o’clock and like the roosters and old people, Tamara, Charlie and I are up and ready to work out.

We hit the spin bikes for about 45 minutes. I am listening to (read: blasting at max volume) the worst of Euro trash pop and absolutely loving it. My legs (especially my calves) are killing me but it feels nice to be on the bike. It’s not too hot yet so even the steep uphill climbs feel quite alright. It seems the advice of “keep going- don’t stop” was sound after all.

After spinning we go for a run down the road and back. This is actually much more exciting and adventurous than it sounds. Not only is the road too narrow for two lanes of cars, but you are dodging entire families on their scooters. So good luck focusing on your breath, rhythm, where you are stepping, oh and the incoming traffic. When I am done with the entire length of the road to the end and back twice I look like someone has poured a bucket of water over me. Nike’s “Dry Fit” knows where it can shove itself. Dry my sweet a**. There is, in essence, no escaping the sweat here. No point in being all fancy. Music is a huge part of my workout and I can’t recommend Nike’s 10k Mix enough. It’s a great playlist to run on the treadmill or outside to and has great rhythms and beats to keep you going.

Now it’s time for some mat work. Push-ups, stair-climbers, burpees and yes yes, the sit-ups. One hundred regular ones, and because that is not bad enough I grab the 5kg medicine ball and we alternate with Tamara and take turns passing to each other. We are both tired and want to give up. But something in me doesn’t let us stop. I start yelling at her. “I need ten more then you can hit the showers! Do you hear me? You are half-way there and you can do it!” At first she is startled (I’m guessing she didn’t anticipate the verbal attack) but then she started smiling and got into it with me. “You can do it! Come on!” She yelled when it was my turn. It is going to be a glorious day ladies and gentlemen :)

Breakfast is my “usual” omelette of ham, mushroom and onion except that today they have surprised me and added something extremely spicy which is nice. For those of you who know me, I am not a huge fan of eggs so anything to take away from the taste of eggs is fine by me. Also met two new people today Natasha and Tracy (below) and they joined me in my sweaty breakfast feast. Natasha works at Tiger camp and Tracy has a fight coming up.

Our plan is to hit Nai Harn beach today and before you smile and think that I will be lying on the beach- get a hold of yourself. That is NOT why we are here. Sneakers and work out clothes are coming with me, and before I can swim I will complete the downhill run of 5k you see in the picture below. That’s right. We are hardcore and bad ass now! 😉

Will let you know what the evening provided in terms of entertainment but if last is anything to go by then don’t expect anything exciting. The past four days have proven to be intense and tiring.  After dinner I am too fried to go out and party. At best I get this blog up and fall asleep listening to the birds and other animals outside.

Lunch at tourist trap hell left much to be desired. Tip for inexperienced amongst you? Avoid Phuket during peak season when every Scandinavian, Brit, and Russian has committed a mass exodus to the Thai islands. The result is shown below.


The highlight of the day has got to be the gorgeous sunset. Incredibly beautiful!

Came back from the beach completely exhausted and in need of some food and rest. Since I still can’t quite walk right and my calves are burning with pain I grabbed an oil massage in the nearby massage parlor and it was time to bring out the tiger balm. Feel the burn.

Had dinner at Koko’s which consisted of grilled chicken and some steamed veggies. Few of the brave members of the crew decided to continue their night out, but this tired camper needs to get some shut-eye before tomorrow’s big excursion to Koh Phi Phi at 8:30 in the morning. :) Good night fellow adventurers!











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