Day 35 – Tuesday – Chalong Pier, Wine Connection and training oh my…

G’day my lovelies!

It has been a wonderful day today! Started off strong with Bodyfit at the beach and it was gruelling! Running up hills, sprinting, backwards crab walk up stairs, push-ups, squats, mountain-climber galore. You can probably imagine. Just the warm up alone had me sweating and exhausted!

In the afternoon I had a private Muay Thai session with Sang Kram after a quick nap. What a rush! My kicks are getting stronger and technique is improving daily. Sun is high at this point and the sweat is flowing freely. Today is a good energy day and I have two protein shakes. After a quick shower (yes, showers and naps are “time wasters” out here) I am ready for lunch. It is 3 o’clock at this point and I am very, very hungry! For lunch we decided to do something different today and leave the Tiger strip for a nice change. Destination Chalong Pier. Beautiful seafront restaurant leaves me serene and grateful. The ocean is a clear aquamarine today and is a welcome change to the sweaty, rubber mats of the training camp. Shrimp and broccoli, Tom Yum soup are on the menu along with some green tea. Delicious!

A nice stroll down Chalong Pier later the early evening sun is beating down. What a day! The evening brought a pleasant surprise in the form of Wine Connection. A must visit! Really lovely atmosphere, excellent food and simple yet chic decor. What’s not to love?! I had the grilled salmon with veggies (see pic) left me full and very satisfied indeed.

It is days like today that make me feel extremely blessed to be in this beautiful country just training and doing what I love. Days like today make it easy. The universe has smiled :)

Hope everyone’s Tuesday has been equally blessed and full of little tiny miracles.

Have a good night and keep shining!

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