Day 34 – Monday – Just another Manic Monday

Back in gear my lovelies! All around the world people are going back to school, work or regular daily life today. Weekend is OVER! 😉

Today’s private with James consisted of leg work, squats, lunges, jump-rope, core and kettle bells. I am (see pics below)

Boxing at 4 today was a good session. Sang Kram is back from Bangkok and I got some 1:1 time with him, as well as bag work and a bit of technique. I’ve found the key to success here is planning and fine-tuning optimal amount of training, nutrition and sleep. Didn’t get much sleep last night so hitting the sack early tonight. Before my usual chicken and salad dinner tonight, I got a badly-needed massage down the road. By a ladyboy no less. Apparently (s)he took it as a challenge when I requested strong, because my god, strong was what I got! “No pain no good!” :)

Tomorrow’s training plan includes BodyFit in the morning, which is taking place at the beach tomorrow and a Muay Thai private with Sang Kram and a regular session with James at 4:30. Looking forward to hitting it hard this week! Have felt like the past few weeks have been a bit slow to get started due to muscle injury, which is still slightly sore and a visa run to Singapore. Extremely glad I have two more weeks to achieve my goals before I finally go back home to Dublin!

Wishing everyone everywhere a fantastic night and hope your week has started as energetically as mine! <3 Peace and love my sweets.



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