Day 31 – Friday – I’ve been a bad, bad bear!

“How do you feel?” “How much have you lost?” “How much longer do you have left?” One month is over. Time to hit it hardcore!

All the guilty of Singapore are catching up with me (see pizza photo from yesterdays blog post)

Training is brutal. Heck, waking up was brutal! In all honesty, I didn’t think a pack of Peanut Butter M&M’s and a pizza would ruin the good credit I’ve accrued. How wrong I was!

This is precisely why I’m happy with my decision to stay an extra two weeks until the 28th of March. I am absolutely committed to achieving my goals. No excuses. Except when it comes to fresh pizza in Singapore apparently. *wink*

Now it’s penance time in the form of BodyFit, Private with James and Boxing. They were all brutal (tired of hearing that?) and had me lying on the ground in a heap of sweat panting for air.

Nothing much else to report from this Friday. Dinner was a wonderful chicken with vegetables but it took over an hour for it to be delivered!


Tonight is a short and sweet one my lovelies but I promise to come back with more exciting updates from the weekend! More training and beach is in store tomorrow and Sunday is a day of much deserved and very needed rest.

Respect each other my lovelies and have a fantastic weekend! :)

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