Day 30 – Thursday – Everything happens for a reason

Happy international womens day everyone!

I had completely forgotten what day it was until my visit to the Google office today and seeing a large group of schoolgirls who were there on a tour to visit the office. They were there as a part of “women in IT careers” movement and it was focused around the girls/women theme and empowering them. Only then did I notice the sign on the door reminding me of the fact that it was IN FACT March 8th :)

What a lovely, wonderful, bizarre, emotional 48 hours it’s been in Singapore. I could’ve gone anywhere on my visa run; Burma, Kuala Lumpur, Cambodia but I picked to visit Johan and Jody in Singapore before I even knew what I would feel like when my month was up.

A humid and orderly Singapore as well as a very pregnant Jody put things into perspective for me. Let me tell you how. In Singapore they value time over relationships. There are no “please” or “thank you” in Mandarin and this shows. In a 7-eleven for example, you will hear “give me pack of menthol lights now;” I’m appalled and turned around to see who would have the audacity to be so rude. A stone-faced Singaporean is expressionless as I glare at her. The store clerk hands her the pack of smokes, the lady gives her exact change and the interaction is over. We’re off again. I’m told this is the most common encounter. No fluff, no wasting precious time. Just business. Jody told me a story of her first hospital experience in Singapore. The doctor tried to sell Jody on the idea of an enduced labor. Not for any particular medical reason, but rather in the interest of saving time. How fascinating. No regard for mother or child, but let’s be speedy about this shall we?

That brings me nicely to a heavily pregnant Jody, who is glowing and looks overjoyed. I was never much of a “mommy type” or baby person. Sometimes I feel I lack that gene entirely. But seeing her so calm and relaxed (somehow I imagine myself being in a constant state of frenzy and panic!) really put me at ease and gave me some perspective, not to mention putting a smile on my face. Perhaps I wouldn’t mind kids of my own…

There is a Japanese couple sitting next to me on the JetStar flight from Singapore. She is exhausted but rubs his hands, back, legs. What a different culture to my own! His well-being comes first to the point that she would forego her own sleep for his comfort. Now that’s commitment! It leaves me pondering the different dynamics of relationships. Some energize and empower you, others are toxic and leave you drained. How can you objectively step outside of your relationship reality and assess it fairly? Is that even possible?

Before I came out here on this physical and mental journey, I remember Jonathan saying to me that he supports me and knows how important this was to me. Now that’s understanding and unconditional love! Absolutely EVERYTHING happens for a reason and today’s blog post is dedicated to my backbone and the wind beneath my wings. One month to the day, on international womens day, I can only say that I miss you more than ever baby!!

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