Day 3- “Darlin, Superwoman you ain’t”

Welcome to Day Three everyone. Otherwise known as:

“I didn’t know that place could hurt”

“I have muscles there?”

“How do you know when you’ve taken too many Advil?”

“Will I ever be able to walk again?”

“That massage may actually kill me”

I think you get the picture. I was told on my arrival here by just about everyone to take it easy as possible with my first couple of days. To let my body adjust to the difference in climate as I’m not used to the heat and humidity nor this particular time zone.

So glad I did NOT listen and powered full steam ahead on my 2nd day here. As usual, Satu knows best. The BodyFit from yesterday morning had left me energized so I was convinced that another small, teensy weensy, 2 and a half hour workout couldn’t possibly hurt (no pun intended) I could not have been more mistaken. It should have been an indicative sign when I was walking back home from Muay Thai that I couldn’t really bend over (inconvenient) squat (goodbye bathroom needs) or walk up 4 steps to get my bungalow (cramping already?) The shower left me completely immobile and spent the rest of the night in bed. Seriously. No moving. Thankfully I was able to send out distress signals and my kind neighbors and new friends brought dinner to me which consisted of lovely raw food spaghetti made from courgettes and some home-made guacamole. I was starving and in heaven. Thank you kind souls for feeding me in my state!

Today the plan was to do Yoga at 6:30 am, followed by BodyFit at 8 and then some light “one-on-one” Muay Thai with one of the trainers at 10:30. The reality is that at 8 o’clock I am still in bed, unable to move and writing up this post. Reaching ones limits physically is both an exhilarating and debilitating experience. I WANT to get up and run around, do everything I’ve set my mind to, but the physical limits are stopping me. Instead I opt for an omelette breakfast at 9 at Tiger Grill

and a private Muay Thai session for an hour with Sang a former Muay Thai  and boxing champion in Thailand.

A much needed strawberry protein shake after an hour with Sang and head to the showers.

Lunch was in the restaurant across the road from the camp. Had Tom Yum soup with prawns and some ginger beef in oyster sauce with rice. It was delicious and the first time I had something for lunch that was not chicken.

Everything hurts at this point. I can’t feel my butt. Am walking like someone who is learning how to walk. Slowly and unevenly. That massage is definitely happening today! It’s difficult to have excuses or reasons not to train around here. The energy is incredible and some of the people who have been here for a while already can manage up to 4 trainings a day. Pushing yourself is all part of the fun. If it wasn’t challenging it wouldn’t be fun!!

Oil massage. Extremely necessary and very pleasant!

Evening plans including the famous Night Market and a local shopping mall nearby. As we don’t have a scooter (and I’m terrified of driving in this traffic) we will be cabbing it. Dinner was Japanese restaurant and was delicious! Sushi set with miso soup and kimchi was divine after a long and strenuous day. In case any of you were worried there is even a Boots in Phuket!

Stay tuned for tomorrows adventures!

4 Responses to “Day 3- “Darlin, Superwoman you ain’t””

  1. Zrinka 10/02/2012 at 15:36 #

    You ARE a superwoman and don’t let anyone (including yourself) tell you any different! This is just a minor rebellion by some stubborn muscles you have previously neglected – I’m sure you’ll have it under control in no time 😉

  2. Jonathan Sörum 10/02/2012 at 16:11 #

    Hahaha! I laughed quite loudly at the first part. Hang in there: pain is temporary, glory is forever! :)

  3. dolphinA 10/02/2012 at 17:50 #

    It’ll pass soon :).

  4. Cristina 10/02/2012 at 21:27 #

    I really want to do that!!!
    Go Satu!

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