Day 29 Wednesday Singapore Baby! :)

Greetings from a hot and humid Singapore y’all!
My thirty days on the lovely island of Phuket expires tomorrow and do not want to get into trouble with the immigration authorities so have decided to do a quick and efficient “visa run” into Singapore. My lovely friends Johan and Jody have kindly let me stay at their place so I am not homeless and what a view from their place!

Photos to come I promise! :)

After the crazy traffic and hectic life of Phuket, Singapore is all manicured lawns, golf courses, tennis courts and well…flawlessness. Appearances are everything here and you don’t see trash or poverty anywhere.

It was a smooth flight on JetStar, without checking any luggage in it was a bargain. I had even pre-booked a hot meal which turned out to be a pleasant surprise of Vietnamese chicken curry and rice. Lovely! One thing that surprised me is that while I was using the lavatory facilities one of the cabin crew pounded on the door and told me to get out. I swear I wasn’t in there very long… interesting. A day of firsts!

Seeing Jody was lovely and after I have stopped sweating we have some lunch and catch-up. Don’t know what happened afterwards but I am told that I decided to siesta on the couch. That’s right. Like a dog. In the lazy afternoon sun. I fell asleep. Nice one! Must have been tired…

Singapore is amazing at nighttime when all the buildings light up and you can see just what a vibrant city it is. “Don’t be fooled,” says one ex-pat to me “Singapore is all first-world on the surface and looks very efficient, but when you try to get something done here, it become third-world awfully fast.” I can see she probably has a point. Shopping on Orchard road for a day or two is a lot easier than trying to install a broadband connection into your home.

Dinner of burgers (salmon for me!)  and shakes later, we walk down the river and Jody shows me the Quay and different sights. They are very centrally located and I quickly get a feel for the buzz. The temperature never drops below 24 (!) degrees here so everyone is used to sitting outside in their t-shirts and enjoying food, drink and good company. Wow! Did u hear that Dublin? That’s year round too! Not 2 weeks in an occasional May or June when you feel it’s time we finally saw some sun before raining again. Yeah, weather is probably a little too important to me…

I am here until tomorrow evening when I return to Phuket and resume training. I simply cannot wait! Two days “off” and travelling feel very odd. It’s nice to get a new environment for a change, and some perspective, but I’ve got working out on the mind. The peanut butter M&M’s in 7-eleven don’t help either. What’s happening?!
I have realized something on my trip here though. It is possible to make any corner of the world your home. It’s not about the decorations in your flat. Or even how you feel about the city necessarily. Experiencing Jody and Johans little family and their new beginnings is very emotional and moving. If you can be 9 months pregnant in heavily-humid Singapore and keep up with your daily routines then I think you can pretty much do it anywhere! There is baby furniture and accessories and baby books everywhere and somehow I am deeply touched.

As we have incessantly repeated at the camp, whilst laughing or shedding some tears, everything, absolutely everything, happens for a reason. We see what we do, experience the life we do for a reason. Maybe this was a necessary part of my journey. It’s been a rough month of fighting, training and sweating. Seeing the softer side to life feels almost alien and strange. But it’s nice somehow.

Back to Phuket tomorrow evening and will try to get some shopping and pool time in before I head out. All my sports gear has become obsolete at Tiger because pants are falling off me and sports bras aren’t..filling their function at all! :) Plan is to have lunch with Johan tomorrow and then maybe some lunch at Google.

Tomorrow is a new day however, and dwelling on it now when it’s such a lovely evening in Singapore seems almost criminal. Peace and love my lovelies. Remember to love each other unconditionally because life is beautiful if you let it be.


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