Day 27 – Monday – Head in the game. Time to get back into training

Hola chicos and chicas!

Monday madness and we’re back!

A chocolate and almond protein shake woke me up today and then headed to BodyFit with Genah which focused on core. It was 8x 20 second intervals of different exercises. Crossfit situps, dumb-bell pushups, burpees, Russian twists, plank, Turkish sit-up, side crunches. Feels good to be awake and what a day to be alive! The sun is out and day looks like it will be a beautiful one. Vegetable omelette at Noodi’s, dry shirt change and I am ready for the next challenge.

My rib is still quite sore which is frustrating so I will probably be forced to take it easier today than I normally would in order to avoid injury. After a protein shake and some breakfast did a run up and down “the strip” as it’s known as and some dumb-bell exercises, squats, situps, biceps, triceps and pushups. It is very, very hot today and I am feeling the heat and 3 days off from training.

Lunch at 2:30 consisted of beef and salad and I am FULL now!

Was supposed to do boxing at 4 but feel exhausted so decide to lie down instead. That’s right. I’m allowed to siesta. Will do laps in the pool and some tennis with the girls in the evening. This week will be intense but I am losing two days to go to Singapore on a visa run on Wednesday. Looking forward to meeting Johan and Jody who moved there last year from Dublin. Jody is heavily preggers so hopefully I will be there just in time! 😉

Dinner was Massaman curry, no potatoes no rice with salad and my first curry since I’ve arrived. It was niiice! <3

After dinner we played some tennis which turned out to be a real sweatfest even at 9pm! It’s good fun and doesn’t feel like exercise (even though I was just a ballgirl because of my muscle soreness.) We chilled at Koko’s for a while afterwards to cool down and listen to him play guitar. You haven’t lived until you listen to a Thai guy play and sing Hotel California on his guitar. Excellent! :)

All in all, a great “first day back” in training and an another inspiring day at the camp!

Have a great night y’all and remember to be grateful for at least one thing today. Ciao! :)

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