Day 26 – Sunday – “Hello darkness my old friend”

Hello my lovelies!

In case you have wondered where I have gotten to in the past few days, in one word: the beach! Since my muscle injury on the right side of my rib cage, I have just been resting it and trying to take it easy. After all, must follow doctors orders 😀


Friday night was a much-needed night out which included dinner in a fish and seafood restaurant in Naiharn and then a crazy night of full-on dancing in Patong! Saturday was recovery day and more beach and raw food restaurant (which I am starting to love!)

So as you can see my lovelies  it has been quite an eventful few days. But am missing the training and watching other people working out isn’t exactly helping. As the name of today’s post suggests,  it’s been quiet and miserable since I’ve been injured and on doctors orders to not train. You get used to the adrenaline and just sitting around feels unproductive. Life-changing indeed!

But tomorrow is a new day and a new week. Come to think of it, its a new month as well. Will keep up the nutrition and workout plan and hit it hard tomorrow. Have BodyFit class at 8 in the morning and hopefully it will be a strong day after 4 days recovery. There is much to look forward to this week including a visa run trip to Singapore on Wednesday.

Stay safe my lovelies and respect each other! :)





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