Day 16 – Thursday – Zen like the Ocean

Today’s wake-up was at 5:30am. Yes. Before the roosters again. It’s morning yoga and I am immediately glad I got up and joined in. The hours class leaves me calm and invigorated. I know it’s clichĂ© but the yoga always clears my mind of everything else, opens up my muscles and just gets me ready for the day.

Sun has come out by this point and the day is slowly starting to warm up. I have an intense day lined up. Full program, even for here. After yoga I go for a protein shake and some breakfast at Baan Suan of oatmeal and fruit plate. Change of shirt (routine starting to sound familiar?) I am ready for the private session with Sangkram. During training I go in for a right high kick and feel my left ankle twist painfully. It’s a bit blue and sore now so have to take it easy with the kicks, as if it wasn’t bad enough to have raw blisters on my feet! Frustrated I tell him to pick up the pads so we can continue. A full hour of Muay Thai practice and my shirt is completely drenched and I feel better.

Short break and it’s Crossfit with Luke. Todays challenge is 7 full minutes of as many burpees as you can possibly squeeze out. Rest and then 5 minutes of intense jump lunges, situps and back extensions. The room is full and the mats are sweaty. It was a good session. It is now 15:30 and I have arranged a private session with Ocean for some weight training at 4 o’clock. I have time to go home and change clothes. Or eat. But not both. The oatmeal was hours ago and my stomach is grumbling. I text her to tell that I need an extra 15 minutes to catch some food on the fly. A chicken salad and dry shirt later I am ready to face the world again. (If you are wondering what happened to my thrice daily showers today, don’t ask. Some days you give up and just keep going)

Training with Ocean was hardcore. She pushes you way past your limits and then some. I definitely felt THAT workout when I left the gym. Must.stretch.out. We focused on chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, glutes and legs today. Will I be able to move tomorrow? Massage and Advil should sort me right out. Grab a coconut at Koko’s and jet off on my scooter (had to get that in there!) to Perfection spa to get rubbed down. It’s hellishly painful at times but so very necessary. Thirty minutes and I am right as rain, albeit walking a bit funny and with a limp because of my ankle.

A very brief shower and I run to meet the others for dinner. At this point I am very hungry indeed and order fish with vegetables and a side salad. I finish it all in record time and wash it down with a green tea. Today was hard and I can feel the early morning wake-up, hard training, lack of nutrition, distance from loved ones kicking in and I’m forced to shed a slight tear at the Baan Suan restaurant. Yes, lovely. A low-point in the two odd weeks that I have been here one might imagine. Some days are just rough on the system. It’s the gods-honest truth that nobody can be full on power 24/7 and the realization hits home that we are all just human. Musn’t ignore the emotional I had been warned. This will happen, they said. Well “they” were right. The feelings have come with a vengeance. The fact that nobody at the restaurant was even remotely surprised was comforting. Knowing glances and sympathy was exhchanged. Yup, we are all in the same boat indeed. <3 to my Tiger family.


Good night my lovelies! Be kind to each other :)

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