Day 15 – Wednesday – Game of Tennis anyone?..

I rode a scooter for the first time ever today and it feels amazing! I am on top of the world and have conquered a huge fear!!

Today the sun is back out and the energy is back baby. No more clouds and no more fatigue. The two have (quite literally) been going hand in hand on my trip here. The cloudy, humid days I can’t really concentrate or get out of bed. Eating is harder and all I want to do is sleep. When the sun shines, however, I want to conquer the world and power on full steam ahead!

BodyFit was a circuit training today and it was an amazing ass-kicking. Squats, burpees, jump rope, bicycle situps, tyre press, dumb-bell press-up. Oh man was the sweat a-pouring! It’s 9:30 and I’ve had an omelette and protein shake. My day is ready to start. After learning how to ride (and stop and park) the bike I can honestly say that the day is off to an unbelievable start!

One-on-one will be stronger today. I have decided this. Mental focus. Nothing else is needed. I can do this 😉

Private with Sang was a little different today. And by a little, I mean a lot. We sparred for the first 30 minutes which means gloves on and let’s get cracking. I was completely and utterly winded after half an hour. He laughed at me (!) and pointed out that I run every day, as opposed to him who never runs and he was completely fine after our “battle” Damnit. Must start doing MORE conditioning so I can take on my Boxing and Muay Thai champion trainer!!!

Change of shirt and a protein shake later (thanks for the blender Soracha! Today’s speciality was chocolate, banana and almond) :) I headed to CrossFit which was as brutal as Luke could possibly get it. It was 1-10-10. Which means five exercises, burpee, squat, pushup, back extension and situp all done from 1 to 10 and then back down to 1 times. Make sense? My time was 17:19 and I’m quite proud of that. It was not an easy workout today at all! But I am glad to notice improvements in my breathing and training technique.

Instead of boxing at 4 I decided to mix it up and play some tennis with friends. What an afternoon! And what a workout! We were all properly sweating after an hour of tennis in that heat. Incredible! Will be doing more of this from now on.

After a much-needed dip in the pool I headed to the massage place that has become like my local pub. Always good times to be had there. Got an hours rub down (argh my back!) and was totally shattered afterwards. Some dinner in me and I will be ready to hit the sack tonight. Tomorrow’s an early one since I will be doing 6am yoga before my regular workouts. The days are getting packed and I feel it’s becoming busier and busier as the weeks are passing. Since the main focus has been training, it’s impossible to be up later than 10 o’clock most nights.

With those parting words I shall bid you all good night my lovelies and hope you have had a satisfying and empowering day!!

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