Day 14 – Tuesday – Week two is officially over

Hello my lovelies

Last night there was a thundering tropical storm and we went swimming in the pool! In the wall-to-wall rain! Absolutely incredible experience. The pool was warm and the rain slightly cold and refreshing. Was keen for a hot shower and jammies after that though!

The day started much like any other- at 8am and a run up Big Buddha with a tyre. Except this time, there was no tyre and no me. That’s right. I participated with the group but I didn’t run up the hill with them, just did the circuit up top. Biceps, squats, dips, lunges. My feet are absolutely shattered and the blisters have left them in bits! Can’t wait for the blisters to heal. Was exhausted after private Muay Thai session so took a nap to try and recuperate a bit from the training. Even Sangkram my trainer was appalled when he saw my blisters. “Your kick have no power today” he observed after a few high kicks. I point at my feet. No can do Sang. Too much pain. There is always the hope of tomorrow…

The delight of the day was lunch. We went to a raw food restaurant in Naiharn and it was absolutely delicious! I would highly recommend to anyone in Phuket to try it. I dare you not to love it! :)

Soracha is leaving me her scooter so we shall see if I can overcome my greatest fear of all which is Thai people in traffic. I will keep you informed if I am brave or not!

After the late lunch it was time to say goodbye to Soracha in true Tiger style, dinner and a game of Jenga. I was still full from late lunch so just had some chicken Satay (I love this country!) and a raspberry smoothie. Next time I will ask for some mango in it because it was quite sour. No sugar you see 😉

Week two is over and done with and it has been an absolutely blast so far. In terms of people, I’ve definitely made some new friends. As for health and fitness I’m eating and sleeping better. Also my trainer commented on my loose shirt today: “Before you big big. Now you small small” So that’s gotta count for something eh?

Have a wonderful and fantastic night wherever you are- and remember, without love and respect, we have nothing :) Keep on fighting!

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