Day 12 – Sunday – The Night Market

Rejoice! It’s Sunday :)

Day started off with a meeting with Ocean then oatmeal with banana at Noodi’s place. The vibe is very chill today and there is nothing special planned. Might go see a move later and then hit the night market with some friends. It rained all of last night so no beach today, but might hit the pool around noon. Since my night consisted of blister surgery instead of Saturday debauchery I am fresh and rested today.

Today will be a day of healing in other words.

Lunch at Mama’s. It was about 120 THB which is roughly the equivalent €3. I had a chicken salad and a cold water.

After lunch we hit the pool at Cocoville Resort where Annabel and Yaz are staying

Spent a few lovely hours relaxing by the pool and then home to change for the night market. Night market!! What a sensory overload!

As you can see my lovelies it was quite a hectic experience with lots to see, hear and taste! Very hot and I tried as many different foods as my gluttonous self could allow.

I am so exhausted now and it is getting quite late but let me show you my purchases before wishing you a good night and an incredible start to the week tomorrow! :)

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