Day 11 – Saturday – The walk up to Big Buddha

Aloha my lovelies!

What a fantastic Saturday it is! Today was special. Myself and four other people woke up at roughly 5am to walk from Tiger camp all the way up to Big Buddha. We left at 6 (before the famous heat kicks in) and took us about 2 hours or so to get to the very top (see pics below.) What a journey! Its 10 kilometres from base to the top and half of it is vertical uphill (as I may have mentioned before) and this was done in our leisure time and we were very quick in getting there and walking back as well. That makes it a grand total of 20km’s on this fine morning. What a workout! Saw some Buddhist monks on the way, a broken down and abandoned car at the side of the road (?), got some much needed ice-coffee, chased away some crazy stray dogs and just generally felt amazing about ourselves. This is now going to become a thing. A tradition even. The aim is to make it up even faster next time, and run it all the way at some point. Wish me luck!

Got back to camp and had some oatmeal with bananas for breakfast with orange juice. A mandatory ice pack for my feet (6 blisters and counting!) then hit the weights, dumb-bells and medicine ball. What an incredible day and it’s not even 10:30am! A much-needed shower later I am ready to limp over to the massage parlour to get rubbed down. I make some very unfortunate noises while my feet, back, shoulders, calves and arms are being massaged so much so that someone had to come in to check on us. Twice. But it was all worth it. Blissfully happy and ready to face the world and see what this Saturday has to offer. I think a nap and lunch are in order… Think I’ve deserved some fun and excitement tonight. Might pop over to Patong to see what it has to offer.  It’s been a rough week of training and tomorrow is our day off. That means 24 whole hours no training which suits me just fine as I can barely stand or walk at this point. Week two behind and so far it has been a surreal experience of amazing people, tough physical and mental challenges as well as incredible environment.

Speaking of crazy party weekends: If you are interested in how crazy how Friday nights get then check out this insane game of Jenga- pretty wild eh? 😉

Theme of the day my lovelies is endurance! Stay happy and keep smiling <3

This is me blogging for you – every evening 😉





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