Day 10 – Friday- Sunset Yoga

One of the perks of being where we are, and doing what we do is that sometimes we take our workouts outside. Today, my lovelies, is one of those days. Remember the brutal BodyFit from Tuesday? The one with the tyre and the 4k uphill? This time there will be no tyres or 4k trek uphill. Now it is time to relax and enjoy with some 90 minute Ashtanga yoga at sunset, overlooking all of Phuket. #ThisIsWhyImHere

The day has started beautifully. It is not too hot (Am I weather obsessed mayhaps?) and after a banana and handful of almonds I make it to BodyFit with Jenna at 8. Today is- for lack of a better word- quite strenuous. Interval training for 17 minutes with different squat, burpee, press-up, butt-drop combos. Each set of 3 is followed by a sprint around camp. Needless to say, after this is over and done with, everyone is dripping with sweat and the mats are drenched. Go for another light jog or two around camp when stretching is done and I am very hungry at this point. A ham, mushroom and onion omelette later I am ready to go back into my room to change clothes and it’s go time again.

Have moved my private session with Sangkram up an hour today because it’s Friday and I want the afternoon to be (relatively) workout free. I will be done by noon and entirely up to my own until sunset yoga at 5. Private session goes well and today is all about new technique (swinging elbow jab anyone?) and a protein shake later I am showered and ready to face the day.

Soracha and I decide to have lunch “off base” and get on her scooter to find a restaurant overlooking the ocean. And find we did

God I love Fridays! There is a special energy in the air that is unavoidable. Whether it’s the spinning class music that is blaring or my own Friday mix the atmosphere is special today.

Friday also brings a sense of adventure into the mix. I showed up at 5 for the yoga van to take us up to the top. Ended up in a taxi with three great guys, Dan, Peter and Sam and we had a little evening with the statue. Admiring the view and taking pictures was not a bad way to spend the evening either :)

Now it’s time for a spot of dinner and some Friday action! Have a fantastic weekend my lovelies and remember to respect each other and marvel in the miracle that is our world!

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