Day 1

After two years of planning and preparing the day has finally come.

Booked a month package with Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket which included meal plan, accommodation and group Muay Thai training. Thirty days cost me next to nothing. I prepaid with PayPal on the website and the total came to around €790 for everything including meals, training and a (nice!) tropical bungalow. Cheaper options are available also.

Left Dublin for Frankfurt at 7am on Tuesday and arrived in Frankfurt just before 11o’clock local time. It was “only” -15 degrees outside and I was wearing a thin leather jacket in preparation for the heat that was about to hit me in 15 hours. The minus subsided and gave way to a snow storm. Flight was delayed 1,5hrs due to terrible weather. Apparently it takes over an hour to de-ice the plane. Nevertheless I would highly recommend Condor as the quickest, easiest and by far the cheapest way of getting to Phuket directly.

When we landed at Phuket and got to arrivals I was surprised by the amount of foreign language ads (Telia Sonera anyone?)

Picked up a SIM card, got my luggage and off I went.  The wall of heat and humidity hit me like a ton of bricks. Even though it was only 9am the thermostat showed 25 degrees. I am going to be here a month? The camp had said they would send someone to pick me up, but after walking back and forth a couple of times past the signs, hotel and resort names it was clear nobody was there to get me. Got a taxi to the camp and after some (major) detours ended up in Chalong Mang at the camp. At this point I am utterly exhausted and can barely move. After all the arrangements have been made I crawl into the bungalow and fall asleep immediately. Good thing I have ear plugs and eye mask. That will come in handy here.

Phuket is breathtakingly gorgeous. I didn’t know what to expect but it’s lush and green with beautiful hills. The camp is larger than it seemed on the website or videos and I am surprised at just how many international people there are here. It’s not unusual to hear stories of Swedish trainers coming here to train, loving it and staying. Or a Scottish couple that will live and train here for one year. What’s not to love? The weather is temperate at best (even winters are quite warm here) the food is delicious and the value of a Euro will get you far.

After an initial tour and getting to know you walk around the camp I’ve made a few friends and can be pleased with myself. Dinner was chicken salad and some rice tonight 




There are many different types of classes and group sessions. From Muay Thai to Western Boxing, Yoga and Spinning. Tomorrow I start my day with BodyFit class which is taking place on the beach with fitness trainer Ocean Bloom (Yes. That’s her name) Followed by some spinning in the afternoon then group Muay Thai training at 4 o’clock. You guessed correctly; it’s all outside and you better believe it will be a sweatfest!

Wish me luck!



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  1. Zrinka 09/02/2012 at 07:56 #

    Luuuuuuck! Though I know you won’t really need it, because you’re gonna kick ass over there :)

  2. Lari 09/02/2012 at 09:06 #

    Kick ass, Satu. Woo hoo!

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