“Why Remarketing is better than Sex”

I don’t know what Lari gets up to in the bedroom- but that quote sums up SMX (S and M?) Stockholm perfectly! He was, of course giving a presentation on remarketing, how it works, best practices and some helpful tips on how to get started.

SMX Stockholm was exciting as ever this year with a star lineup and cast. 9am keynote Bill Hunt of Back Azimuth encouraged us to go back to basics and above all- get the basics right. He spoke insight fully about keyword’s needing to reflect what will “ring the cash register” he left me pondering with “question everything. Try Anything” Excellent opener to an exciting day! All of the sessions were mediated by Sara Andersson who not only kept the show running smoothly but challenged the speakers with thought-provoking questions.

Next up, Mediacoms Head of Search, Lasse Clarke Storgaard thrilled us with his disbelief that THIS will be the year of the mobile. Fifteeen percent of ALL search traffic is from mobile in Sweden and the number is on the rise making it impossible for marketers to ignore non-desktop devices. Stats were shown on iPad users and their behavior (they scroll) and their conversions (more than mobile). Further light was shed on the fascinating consumer journey and what happens between researching, deciding to purchase and the actual conversion itself. Never a dull moment here and it’s only 11:30!

Meanwhile downstairs, the charismatic Martin MacDonald who is OMD’s head of SEO was talking about the death of black hat SEO tactics and perhaps his favorite topic of all- link buying! I was fortunate enough to get a shout-out and mention as one of three people from Search Marketing Day in Poznan who has never bought a link -nor intends to! Ever the entertainer and a welcome sight on the #SMX and #SEO circuit

Search Engine Friendly Design also made it onto the list of topics with Stavros Bilis as the star. He asked the audience to think about crawable links and who was afraid of Pandas? Next up was the complex world of Facebook ads by Magnus Nilsson. He introduced 10 tactics and one powertip which includes hot items such as number 2 “Take stats with a fistful of salt” and number 6 “Wall is not the best landing page so optimize” This was followed by Brent Payne (how cool of a name is that?!) of the aptly named BaldSEO who encouraged the audience to run analyses and consider the true value of fans.

Meanwhile downstairs however, the speakers were dazzling the crowd with conversion optimization science. Safe to say that Gillian Muessig was the unsung hero and one of the best speakers at the event. Her second presentation of the day covered transparency and authenticity as well as telling website owners to cater to both “personas” as she called them. Quite accurately she gave the example of the travel industry where the same person might want to book a flight for business where dates and destination is known in advance and then when it’s holiday, the same individual will want to peruse the website for ideas and is far more flexible. Guavas Kristoffer Ewald also entertained the audience with an appropriately named presentation “What I’ve learned” Nobody was bored as he spoke about using simple contact forms that don’t include dropdowns, the power of mouseflows, and the importance of using Analytics to track who has already visited your site. What an afternoon!

It is now 3 o’clock of the first day and with sweaty brows I move to the next hall to hear more about “Deep Inside AdWords.” Denmarks Henrik Stenmann of IIH Nordic talked about split testing and why people think they are difficult. Keywords and their grouping of trophy, gold and silver were also on the agenda as Henrik provided insight into the difference between marketing and sales. “AdWords” he concluded “is not marketing, it is sales. In marketing 50% works, and the other doesn’t. Calling AdWords marketing is incorrect as it is 100% effective.”

The experienced Brian Clifton who is the CEO of Advanced Web Metric was speaking in the meantime about measuring sucess in SoMe’s and some of it’s challenges (messy, difficult to compare) Referred to Google Analytics as on-site “yard stick” and presented a case study on measuring Tweets and setting up tracking parameters.

You might wonder about the networking opportunities? Was there ANY time to take a breather of have a cup of coffee? Since e-metrics was taking place at the same time and the coffee breaks were all scheduled to run at the same time, I met some very interesting Web Analytics guys, start-up owners, developers and just enthusiasts of what I like to call “the internets”

I for one am inspired! All in all it would be an understatement to say that SMX Stockholm was a phenomenal success this year and looking very much forward to the next one. Now I understand why Lari’s was just as excited about SMX as he was about sex!

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